Larry S. Liebovitch, PhD

  Department of Physics and Department of Psychology

  Queens College, City University of New York
  65-30 Kissena Boulevard
  Physics Department
  Science Building  Room B322
  Flushing, NY 11367

  Dean: Division of Math and Natural Sciences 2010-2013
  Accomplishmenrts as Dean

  BS Physics, City College of New York, 1972
  PhD Astronomy, Harvard University, 1978
  Fellow of the American Physical Society
  For advancing the physics of fractals and chaos and using   these methods to analyze and understand biological systems.

Curriculum Vitae


Portfolio of Work



Book: Mathematical Modeling of Social Relationships (Springer) link
Article: How to live in peace? Mapping the science of sustaining peace: A progress report (APA American Psychologist) link
Article: Complexity Analysis of Sustainable Peace: Mathematical Models and Data Science (New Journal of Physics) link


Mathematical Models of Sustainable Peace (Columbia University) link
Introduction to Quantum Computers (New York Quantum Computing Meetup) link
Smart Physics for Brilliant Computer Engineers - Season 2 (YouTube) link

Slide Decks

Mathematics About People in Psychotherapy & Conflicts link
Introduction to Quantum Computing: hardware, software, and applications link
What Really Happened to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge link


Physics 204 Physics for Computer Science 2 link
Physics 270 Physics Applications of Machine Learning and Data Science link
Physics 85200-03 Introduction to Hardware & Algorithms of Quantum Computing link

GitHub link



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