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Howard Kleinmann
Howard Kleinmann
Howard Kleinmann

Director of the Academic Support Center, College English as a Second Language Program, and China Program, Queens College, CUNY

B.A. in Linguistics, Queens College, CUNY, 1971
M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, University of California at Los Angeles, 1973
Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh, 1976

Contact Information:

Academic Support Center
Queens College, CUNY
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Flushing, New York 11367-1597
Telephone:  718-997-5670
Fax:  718-997-5679

Professional Interests:

Second language learning and teaching; developmental education; business education in China


Selected Articles

Todenkopf, Harry.  My life in Shanghai:  The memories we took with us.  Edited by Howard Kleinmann.  Asian Jewish Life, April, 2012, 9, 4-9.  

A cross-cultural, cross-discipline business education program in mainland China: Training a managerial workforce for China‚Äôs economic transition.  In Ilan Alon and John R. McIntyre (Eds.), Business and Management Education in China, World Scientific, Fall, 2005 (with Le Lu).

On credit.  College ESL, December 1992, 2, 68-73.

Does an additional 15 minutes make a difference on the CUNY Reading Assessment Test?  In ESL Beyond ESL:  Summaries of selected Papers from the 1989 CUNY ESL Conference, New York, CUNY ESL Council and City University of New York, 1989.

The effect of computer-assisted instruction on ESL reading achievement.  The Modern Language Journal, 1987, 71, 267-276.

The effect of reading laboratory instruction on ESL growth.  Research and Teaching in Developmental Education, 1985, 1, 38-52.

Factors affecting second language learning of refugees.  Lifelong Learning, 1985, 8, 12-14, 28.

Understanding refugee second language learning.  JALT Journal, 1984, 6, 209-219.

External influences and their neutralization in second language acquisition:  A look at adult Indochinese refugees.  TESOL Quarterly, June, 1982, 16, 239-244.

Competency-based refugee education.  Adult Literacy and Basic Education, 1983, 6, 105-110.

Indochinese resettlement:  Language education and social services.  International Migration Review, Spring-Summer 1981, 15, 239-245 (with James P. Daniel).

The use and sequencing of dicto-comp exercises.  English Language Teaching Journal, January, 1981, 35, 191-194 (with Howard R. Selekman).

The dicto-comp revisited.  Foreign Language Annals, October, 1980, 13, 379-383 (with Howard R. Selekman).

Aiding second-language reading comprehension.  In Charles H. Blatchford and Jacquelyn Schachter (Eds.), On TESOL '78: EFL policies, programs and practices, TESOL, 1978, 165-175 (with Howard R. Selekman).

The strategy of avoidance in adult second language acquisition.  In William C. Ritchie (Ed.), Second language acquisition research:  Issues and implications, Academic Press, 1978, 157-174.

The view from the center:  Slightly off target.  TESOL Quarterly, June, 1977, 11, 217-219.

Avoidance behavior in adult second language acquisition.  Language Learning, June, 1977, 27, 93-107.


Selinker, Larry & Susan Gass.  Workbook in Second Language Acquisition.  Rowley, MA:  Newbury House, 1984.  Reviewed in The Modern Language Journal, 1985, 69, 296-297.


Everyday Consumer English.  1985.  National Textbook Company (with Julie Weissman).


Anatomy of an Essay.  2002.  Harcourt (with Alan Brandman and Richard Billay).

 Jinli Street, Chengdu, China

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